Welcome to Holywell Area Community Museum

Preserving the past serving the community

Holywell and the surrounding area have a diverse and rich History in which that is our focus point

Welcome to our Chapel

The history worship in the Holywell Area is featured in our latest room in the chapel. It is full of artefacts and memorabilia from local people and churches.

Point of Ayr

We are proud to have a permanent exhibition dedicated to the History of the Point of Ayr Colliery which closed in 1996. A former coal miner brings the history to life by recounting tales of the pit.

New leaflet now availble

We are proud to now have a brand new leaflet. These will be availble in local shops soon.


Whether you’re curious about Holywell, would like any history on anything, would like to know what new groups we have on or even any suggestions , we’re here to answer any questions.